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Make Report

You may choose to report anonymously, or you may identify yourself.

The identified option is aimed at cases in which the complainant makes himself available to be contacted to clarify possible doubts about the report provided.

Reports with identification are very important, as they can make the investigation more effective. We remind you that this is a safe and reliable channel.

Report Data

file upload

Please describe the situation that motivated you to look for this channel. It is important that your report is complete and detailed. Don't forget to include in the description:
What (description of the fact);
Who (name of people/companies involved, including witnesses);
When (date on which the fact happened, happens or will happen);
Where (place where the fact occurred);
Why (the cause or reason);
How much (monetary amounts involved);
Evidence (if it exists and where it can be found).

In order to follow the progress of your report, you will receive a protocol number that will be provided to you after the report is registered.

We appreciate your initiative and trust.

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